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Welcome to BroadSMSonline

BroadSMSonline is a SMS (Short Messaging Service) that enables you to send text messages to Worldwide destinations through your web browser or by employing our custom BroadSMS software. Delivery of SMS is instant and very reliable too. Your SMS account has no expiry and the more volume you purchase, the better the rate you would get per SMS unit.

Employing the traditional mobile phone to send large amounts of text messages can be very tasking. With BroadSMSonline, you can send text messages to thousands of mobile phones at once with only some clicks of your mouse.
Corporate Bodies can reach individuals or groups of customers; employees or suppliers, using an SMS message service.

Media, Marketing and Entertainment outfits can reach target clients through SMS message and also retain them and ensure customer’s loyalty.
Business individuals can market their products easily through SMS even from the comfort of their homes.

Features & Benefits

  • No Messsage queueing - instant SMS delivery
  • Number Duplicate automatic filtering
  • Bad Numbers filtering
  • Modifiable delivery period for switched off numbers
  • Premium SMS Route
  • Ability to schedule messages to a later time and date
  • Dynamic Sender ID - Messages can be personalised
  • Delivery to CDMA (Multilinks & Visafone)
  • Delivery to Cell phones worldwide except U.S.A & Canada
  • Long message capability
  • Access to Free & confirmed GSM data base (paid service)
  • Up to sixteen languages supported
  • Detailed SMS Delivery report
  • Lifetime SMS account validity - No account Expiry
  • Negotiable price for more than a million SMS units purchase
  • Reseller & sub-reseller panel for resellers and partners clients management
  • Free SMS reseller panel ansd API for resellers









News Update!

Dear Valued Customers;
Due to fraudulent messages being sent by some unscruptulous customers, our carrier and some GSM operators have classified some keywords as forbidden even while they are genuine in some cases. For this reason and others, you are advised to do a test message to your phone before broadcasting to large number database. We do not accept any form of liability resulting from network unexpected congestion or delivery failure.

If you have problems sending SMS, you can click here to send quick and simple SMS, even with the slowest of internet connection or from your mobile smart phone.

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